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What are the plc programming software? (mobile apps)

Asked by: Scott Adams 193 views Software November 19, 2018

Addition: You can simulate a ladder diagram.

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    There are more plcs currently used, such as Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron, Delta, and Xinjie. The latter two are made in China, but they are still relatively common in the first three, especially Mitsubishi.

    Even with the plc of this brand, but the software used in different series is not the same. Mitsubishi generally uses gx works2, Siemens depends on whether you use 200 or 300, Omron cxp is dedicated to xp system

    If you are just starting to learn, it is recommended to start with Mitsubishi or Omron. These softwares are free on the Internet and are easier to understand and get started.

    Joseph Lee- November 20, 2018 |