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Computer icons, texts, images, and webpage words are getting too big to be blurred.

Asked by: Harold 238 views Computer November 18, 2018

Computer icons, texts, images, and webpage words are getting too big to be blurred.

3 Answers

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    It may be caused by incorrect resolution setting. Please reset it. If it is not the resolution problem or the resolution cannot be set, it may be caused by the damage of the graphics card driver or the installation of an inappropriate driver. Please install the appropriate graphics driver or fix the system. Please take a look at the following method. 1, boot press F8 does not move to the advanced option appears in the loose hand, select “last time the correct configuration” carriage return repair (this method can restore the original driver). 2. If it is caused by the update driver, right click on my computer to select the property, select Device Manager to find the driver right click on the properties / above the driver options / select the following to return to the driver option and press OK. 3. If the fault persists, it is recommended to reinstall the operating system. Use the system restore method that comes with the system: System Restore: “Start” / “Programs” / “Accessories” / “System Tools” / “System Restore”, click “Restore my computer to an earlier one” Time, click Next, you will see the date page has a dark date, that is the restore point, after you choose, click Next to restore (Win78 restore system, right click on the computer to select properties, select system protection on the right) , system restore, follow the steps to do it, if there is restore software, you can also use the software to restore the system). The driver comes with the computer, there is an official website to download, the software has driver wizard, drive life, super rabbit and other software (install the driver as much as possible in order).

    Gary Roberts- November 18, 2018 |

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    Adjust the resolution Click the AUTO button below the monitor to be

    Mark Hall- November 18, 2018 |

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    This is the setting problem, look at the resolution

    Karen Campbell- November 18, 2018 |