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CAD toolbar is missing

Asked by: Paul Phillips 180 views Software November 20, 2018

CAD toolbar is missing

2 Answers

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    Method 1: Directly restore the default method
    1. At the top left of the CAD interface, there is an "AutoCAD Classic", then click on the inverted triangle behind "AutoCAD Classic".
    2. Brought up the cad drawing space mode option, there are “cad classic”, “two-dimensional sketch and annotation”, “three-dimensional modeling” and other options, click the “Autocad classic” option.
    3. At this time, the cad classic mode will be automatically restored, and all the default menus will be called up. This operation is similar to the “factory reset” of the phone. Since there may be a shortcut to “modeling” in the tool that is called up, you can turn it off by clicking the “x” in the upper right corner of it.
    Method 2: Customize the shortcut tool method
             The advantage of this approach is that you can call up and close shortcuts you want or don’t want, as if you were a “private custom” menu, especially for parts that are not commonly used. Scenes where shortcuts are missing are especially useful. Above the drawing area, there is a menu bar.
    1. In this area of ​​the menu bar, right-click to bring up the custom menu bar. Find and click on “Draw” and this time you’re called up, the drawing tool.
    2. Using the same method, click the right mouse button in this area of ​​the menu bar, then click the inverted triangle below the shortcut menu to find “Modify”, and click “Modify” to call up the modify shortcut command.
    3. At this time, you can see that the favorite drawing and modification shortcut menus are all called up. Entering the familiar drawing interface, the advantage of this method is that the shortcut menu that is not needed above can be closed, which makes the drawing space larger and easier to operate.

    Karen Morris- November 20, 2018 |

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    At work, I found that the menu bar is missing.

    At this time, don’t worry, click on the triangle on the map.

    Show the drop-down menu, click on “Show Menu” and the menu bar will “return”.

    Kenneth Jackson- November 20, 2018 |