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The mobile phone is baffling with a lot of verification codes  What should I do? Help

Asked by: Roger Williams 293 views Phone & Tablet April 28, 2018

The mobile phone is baffling with a lot of verification codes  What should I do? Help

17 Answers

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    That should be when some people got APP and entered the wrong phone number, which led to your phone.

    Ruth- April 28, 2018 |

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    Antivirus or go to the store to ask

    Virginia- April 28, 2018 |

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    Shut down one day and pull it black

    Debra- April 28, 2018 |

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    Personal Information Disclosure

    Anthony Mitchell- April 28, 2018 |

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    Do not tell anyone your verification code if it is not your own!

    No matter what you do

    John- April 28, 2018 |

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    Add it to the blacklist to avoid future interruptions.

    Allen- April 28, 2018 |

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    Nobody wants you to send you a verification code.

    Wright- April 28, 2018 |

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    Deleted on the line

    Patel- April 28, 2018 |

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    If you receive a lot of verification code for no reason then it should be bombarded with a text message

    Suggest to use third-party software interception, for example, many mobile phone systems have harassment interception

    < /p>

    You can increase the interception keyword “” “verification code”, which can be blocked

    But the disadvantage is that if you want to register a verification code, you will be blocked. , You can check your own verification by intercepting records.

    Thank you for your question, hoping to help you

                                                                          — Tencent Computer Network 360 Q&A Community

    Green- April 28, 2018 |

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    Other people verify the wrong number!

    Susan Jackson- April 29, 2018 |

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    Personal data may have been compromised

    Janet- April 29, 2018 |

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    This is your verification code that harassed you. I do not know what fraud activities they are engaged in. You just clicked and you agree, tens of millions, do not be fooled! ! !

    Patricia Wright- April 29, 2018 |

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    As long as you are not registered or applying yourself, you can ignore it. If you are afraid of the impact, you can turn off the prompt or intercept it.

    Lee- April 29, 2018 |

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    You were bombed by a text bomber. There is no way this can only be blocked by a third party interceptor.

    Betty Clark- April 30, 2018 |

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    Install the virus to kill the virus immediately, and delete the strange verification code after confirming the non-toxicity.

    Donald- April 30, 2018 |

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    It may be fraudulent, it may be that your information is leaked, others are logging in to your account

    Daniel Smith- April 30, 2018 |

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    Maybe you used this phone number before

    Betty Thomas- April 30, 2018 |