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HP ProBook 455 G3 How to set up fingerprint recognition

Asked by: Michelle Harris 249 views Hardware November 25, 2018

HP ProBook 455 G3 How to set up fingerprint recognition

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    First install a “Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver” and then install the “HP Client Security Manager” software to set the fingerprint function.


    After installing the above program and creating a system password, you can refer to the following method:

    1. Please open HP Client  Security Manager software, enter the system password, click Next. 2. Select 3 questions to enter the answer, forget the Windows password or no other login credentials, you can use HP SpareKey. (Remind you to remember all the content you have set) 3. Select two fingers to register, click Next, the registration is successful. 4. Click “Settings” in HP Client Security. 5. Select “Fingerprint” under “Manage your credentials” or expand “Credential Manager” and select “Fingerprint” to register. After selecting the fingerprint registration, the registration will be successful and saved successfully. 6. If there is no fingerprint login option, please select “Manage” – Manage Controller – Security – Authentication, select “Add” on the right, and select Fingerprint to log in to Windows system.


    Martha Watson- November 25, 2018 |