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No sound on the desktop

Asked by: Joseph Hill 162 views Computer November 25, 2018

No sound on the desktop

7 Answers

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    Is it the device of the first picture? Is it wrong?  

    Sometimes, this is the problem.

    Anna King- November 26, 2018 |

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    Since it is not a hardware problem, it may be a driver problem, it may drive aging.

    Ann White- November 26, 2018 |

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    Download the latest sound card driver to try

    Patrick- November 26, 2018 |

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    If there is no sound in all applications, it is recommended to uninstall the sound card driver, reinstall the driver with the software such as Driver Wizard and Master Lu. If it still does not work after restarting, you should suspect that there is a problem with the hardware, such as the connection cable on the motherboard. .

    Sandra Wood- November 27, 2018 |

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    Reinstall the sound card driver after uninstalling

    Kevin James- November 27, 2018 |

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    If you can’t hear the sound when you are using a browser, then you should Consider whether it is a problem with this browser. Many browsers now come with a mute function. If you click the mute option on your browser, you won’t hear any more pages on all the browsers you use. You know the reason and the solution is much easier. , open the browser’s sound options.

    Since the browser is mentioned, I have to mention IE. As a veteran browser, there are still many user groups, and many browsers are based on the IE kernel. There is a multimedia option in IE’s advanced options. One of them is to control the sound of the webpage. If it is not checked, all browsers based on the IE kernel will not hear any sound. The default is naturally checked, but Just in case it is better to check it out.

    There are few reasons for this, but it is also very easy to be ignored, that is, all the mute is checked. When we check all the mute, we will not hear any sound, although this happens rarely, but it is not impossible. If you tick all the mute, just remove it to restore the sound.

    The above situations should not be encountered by users. The following small series introduces several situations and solutions that are most likely to cause no sound on the computer. First of all, it is a sound card driver. As a medium for connecting hardware and operating system, the sound card driver plays an important role. If there is a problem with the sound card driver, it will cause the computer to have no sound.

    The most common problem with a sound card driver is when updating the driver, because the updated driver is not compatible and causes the computer to have no sound. If this is the case, we only need to restore the driver to the previous driver. If it doesn’t work, we will uninstall the driver and reinstall the driver.

    Each device has a dependent service, and the audio device is no exception. If the corresponding service is not enabled, then no sound is normal. The sound-related service is a service called windows audio. We can go to the service list to see if it is enabled. If it is not enabled, open it to solve the problem.


    Of course, the situation that the computer has no sound is far more than the above. Like viruses, sound cards, and audio, there may be no sound in the computer, but the silent virus has not encountered it. I don’t know. The specific situation is not convenient to introduce, and the chances of hardware damage such as sound card and audio are not large, and no detailed introduction is made.

    Carolyn Martin- November 27, 2018 |

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    If the speaker and its cable are OK, the volume is not muted, use the 360 ​​driver to detect the installation of the sound card driver, or download and install the universal sound card. drive.

    Helen Allen- November 27, 2018 |