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TOSHIBA e-studio507 copy troubleshooting method

Asked by: Elizabeth Watson 263 views Hardware November 26, 2018

C443 appears on the screen

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    l, press the copy button machine does not work
    Fault reason and troubleshooting:
    1). Copy button micro switch does not work properly. Adjust and replace the button micro switch;
    2). The main motor is faulty. If the fan is working, it indicates that the main motor is faulty. If the fan does not turn, the power supply is blocked. Adjust and exchange the main motor;
    3). The relay in the control line has failed. Check, repair and replace relays.
    2, the scanning start light source is not bright
    Fault reason and troubleshooting method:
    1). Poor wire contact. Check the wire,;
    2). Poor contact at both ends of the lamp. Clean the joints at both ends;
    3). The lamp burns out. Replace the lamp;
    4). The fuse (fuse) burned out; replace the fuse.
    3, near 嫣 copy button, work normally, but the copy does not output
    Fault reason and troubleshooting method:
    1). 搓 paper motor does not work; check the line and motor, exclude or exchange; > 2). The pickup roller is aging or does not touch the paper surface (insufficient pressure); replace the pickup roller, check and repair the pickup roller, and keep in contact with the first and last ones;
    3). The paper feeding hook of the paper feeding cassette is not flexible to slide up and down; check and adjust the paper pressing hook to make it flexible;
    4). The paper cutting edges are glued to each other (not opened); the paper is re-twisted repeatedly or re-arranged. Replace the copy paper;
    5). The paper is stuck in the paper path; check if the paper feeder is installed correctly, check if there is any foreign matter in the paper path;
    6). The paper feed clutch does not work; check the separation device , check and repair or change the clutch check control line;
    7). The photo is not separated on the drum;
    8). After the paper is separated, the deviation does not enter the fuser; check the separation device and the paper path.
    4, high voltage generator does not work
    Fault reason and troubleshooting method:
    1), the input voltage is too low. Adjust the voltage to meet the requirements;
    2), the high voltage generator burned out. Replace the high voltage generator;
    3), the contact points of the input and output lines are not strong; plug in each contact;
    4), the point is inserted incorrectly. Insert the contacts correctly.
    5, power-off electrode breakdown
    Fault reason and troubleshooting method:
    Whether it is a DC power-off or AC power-dissipating machine, this kind of failure will occur, especially the charging voltage is too high, air humidity When it is too large, the fault is more frequent.
    Pull out the electrode and notice that there is burnt marks in the insulating end block at one or both ends. Here is the location of the leakage, the breakdown of the insulated end block should be replaced. If the area of ​​charring is small, sandpaper can be used; a layer of knives can be polished to a layer of burnt paste, and it can be applied with a transparent adhesive tape.
    6. After the green key is pressed, the first step of paper feeding is bad
    Fault reason and troubleshooting method:
    First, do you observe whether the paper is turned? If the rotation is good and the paper cannot be rubbed, check:
    1). If the pickup roller is dirty, aging, and the friction is reduced, if it is dirty, it can be scrubbed with concentrated alcohol; if it is aging, replace the new pickup roller. . It is also possible to use the soil method: cut a piece of rubber finger sleeve and put it on the pickup roller. It has been proved that this is an effective method to solve the friction of the pickup roller.
    2). Whether the top plate spring top force drops, if it falls, adjust it.
    3). Is the cutting width of the paper wider than the standard size of the paper cassette;
    4). If the pickup roller does not rotate, there may be a problem with the first paper feed clutch and the first paper feed related circuit.
    In addition to the common faults, I believe that everyone is still unfinished. In order to let you know more about Toshiba copier drum filling and other parts, I will continue to introduce the Toshiba digital copier drum code and Toshiba 168, 169 repair call code and adjustment code.
    Toshiba Digital Copier Drum Code
    toshiba New Part 08 Code 08-340 Drum Life Count Setting (Valid when 08-689 is set to “1”) Accepts the value 0—99999; Default Value 168S/208S = 27000258s = 33000
    Note:   When the value in 08-355 (drum count display) reaches 10 times the set value (08-340 drum life setting value), “Replace Drum” will be displayed. On the LCD. When the drum life setting value of 08-340 is 0, the “replacement drum” 08-673 will not be displayed; the drum counter value is cleared (when 08-689 is set to “1”). After the operation of 08-673, the following count values ​​will be cleared; 08-355 Drum count display, 08-401 Drum life count.

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