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What should I do if my computer is always blue?

Asked by: Janet Phillips 249 views Computer November 30, 2018

What should I do if my computer is always blue?

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    There are many reasons for the blue screen:

    1, system problems, reinstalling the system.

    2, memory problem, plug in memory or change memory.

    3, bad sectors of the hard disk, you have to change the hard disk.

    4, graphics card or graphics card driver problem, reinstall the graphics card driver or change the graphics card.

    5, motherboard problem, change the motherboard.


    Scott Wood- November 30, 2018 |

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    Fix it with 360 blue screen patch, don’t do it again.

    Debra Phillips- December 1, 2018 |

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    The problem of heat dissipation is very serious

    Kimberly Patel- December 1, 2018 |

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    The general blue screen has three problems:

    1, too much dust, causing the CPU to overheat and clean the dust;

    2, the memory stick is corroded Solution: Unplug the memory module, wipe the interface with chemical reagents – alcohol, and then plug it in.

    3. System problems: There are various solutions on the Internet. When you use it, you I found that one could not be used. It is best to redo the original system.

    There is a special problem: your computer is not configured enough, but you play computer games, causing the computer to run on the whole, causing a blue screen. Solution: Either upgrade the computer or change the computer with the configuration standard, or not finish The game

    Richard Scott- December 1, 2018 |

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    Use 360 ​​to fix it. If it doesn’t work, please unplug the memory and the graphics card.

    Janet Wood- December 1, 2018 |

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    There are many reasons for the blue screen of the computer. Strip damage, hardware incompatibility or high temperature, program exceptions or conflicts, disk errors, Trojan virus effects, and CPU overclocking, BIOS exceptions, power or motherboard failures, etc., use the following methods to try to solve:
    1, first restart the computer Observe, if there is still a problem, restart the computer and enter the safe mode, select the last correct configuration, try to solve.
    2. If a blue screen appears after installing the software or driver, there may be conflicts or incompatibilities. Observe after uninstalling. If it is not possible, restart and press F8 to enter safe mode.
    3, there are some blue screen is caused by a disk file system error caused by important system files or driver files abnormalities, you can solve the problem by doing disk troubleshooting on the system partition.
    1 system can also start, or you can enter safe mode, select operation according to system version.
    【xp/w7】Open the desktop “My Computer/Computer”, “System Disk” right–Property–Tools——————————————————————————– When checking the partition containing the system file, you will be prompted: Force unmount, cancel; schedule disk check, confirm, please restart the computer for inspection. Longer time.
    [w8/10] In the lower left corner, click “Start” and select “Command Prompt (Admin)”; in the black window, type chkdsk  /r  %systemdrive% Enter, check when the system file partition is included. : Forced to unmount this volume? Select “n” and restart the check next time? Select “y”, please restart your computer for inspection. Longer time.
    2 system can not be started, you need to make a U disk PE boot computer to check. Win key + R (or start – run), enter cmd  /k  chkdsk  /r  c: Enter. After the check is over, the USB flash drive pops up and restarts the computer to observe. If you still have questions, please go to step “9”.
    Another: If there is no U disk PE system, it is recommended to use “Tianyi BIOS + UEFI double start three partitions” production (http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hrv6LHM   password: q5wf), which comes with green Production tools, easy to operate. One-button U disk boot shortcut: 360 introduction (including three types of BIOS settings) http://jijiupan.360.cn/startguide.html
    4, view or set virtual memory. Win key + R, enter sysdm.cpl Enter – Advanced – Performance – Settings – Advanced – Change – Select the drive (preferably on the system disk) – Custom size – Initial size, maximum Value–Settings, always “OK” to restart the computer. Maximum: 2G memory is set to 7000 (XP is set to 4092); 4G is set to 5800; 8G and above is not too large; initial size: set to half of the maximum value.
    5, open 360 manual service:
    1 input “IE can not open” to find a solution to fix.
    2 Enter the “blue screen” search plan, select “Run browser blue screen crash”, “Computer often blue screen” program to fix.
    6, use “Windows Update” or 360 “Vulnerability Fix” to update system critical patches.
    7, implementation of 360 security guards: system repair, optimization acceleration, computer experience, computer cleanup.
    8, open the 360 ​​system first aid kit, after the detection and update, start the first aid (generally do not check the strong). After that, perform the “Repair System Settings”, “Repair System Files” in the lower right corner of the window, and scan and repair.
    9, according to the stop code, the net search for blue screen reasons, find a useful solution.
    10, hardware and driver check.
    1 Poor contact: Eraser cleans the card gold finger, inserts the components and power cord, cable, especially the data cable of the hard disk, observe whether the capacitor has swelling;
    Check the fan, the chassis dust, CPU Reheat the thermal grease, replace the high-power fan, keep it ventilated, etc.
    2 Temperature abnormality: check the fan, remove the dust from the chassis, re-coat the CPU thermal grease, replace the high-power fan, and keep the ventilation.
    3 driver: Win key + R, input devmgmt.msc Enter: If there is a yellow exclamation mark, red cross, etc., after the backup driver, use the driver (or download the driver according to the host model and number official website) to reinstall Or use the driver life, 360 driver master work to detect the installation.
    4 hard disk bad sectors: use HDTunePro5.7 (or Master Lu) to detect the current status of the mechanical hard disk, such as physical bad sectors, use DiskGenius tool to isolate and repair, it is best to replace the hard disk in time.

    Betty Jackson- December 1, 2018 |

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    Blue screen frequently appears, don’t consider the hardware problem first, try to re-do the system first

    Marie Cook- December 1, 2018 |

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    You can try to fix it first, not Back up, reinstall the system, and then consider the hardware problem.

    Jeffrey Edwards- December 1, 2018 |

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    Need to go out for repair

    Maria Mitchell- December 1, 2018 |

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    360Manually fix it, no. Reinstall the system

    Cynthia Smith- December 1, 2018 |