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How to make a few lines of text into two lines or a single line of text in the excel table, as shown below, so that the four options of ABCD are set in one line.

Asked by: Kenneth James 219 views Software November 28, 2018

Batch setting, which big god will be

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    Column + Sort + Recombination Method

    After entering the formula = C3, press Ctrl+Enter.

    The fly in the ointment is that there are more than one blank line on the four options.

    If you want to remove it, you must first remove the newline character of the cell, then, column + merge + sort + reorganization. As shown below.


    =C3&CHAR(10 )&D3&CHAR(10)&E3&CHAR(10)&F3

    After sorting + reorganization is the same as above.

    Green- November 28, 2018 |

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    1, at the end of the (A) and (C) lines, press the Del key;

    2, adjust the width of the cell to Suitable location.

    Answer: Batch setup, it seems that there is no good way.

    Answer: I think it’s so good and it looks very clear.

    Janet Lee- November 29, 2018 |

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    You are originally in a cell of EXCEL

         The value is changed because the mandatory newline “alt+enter” is added at the end.

    As shown in the figure

    As long as the mandatory newline is removed, it automatically becomes a line

    Method: Use the Find and Replace command: In the search content, press the alt key and enter 10 in the keypad area.

                Replace with   Nothing Enter, then click “Replace All” to be OK.

    The effect of the replacement is as follows


    Lisa Johnson- November 29, 2018 |

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    I was asked today how to change multiple rows of data Into a list of data, in fact, there are many methods, the first method in a few days, when targeting multiple rows of data. A table showing multiple rows of data.


    The first thing to do is to add a label, as shown in the normal EXCEL table, as shown in the figure as abcd as a label.


    After setting the label, select all the data and click the “Insert” option in the tab as shown.


    There is a PivotTable button in the Insert tab, which is to use this function.


    A window appears after clicking the PivotTable button. To select the data for the perspective, you have already selected it before, so I won’t say more here.


    After clicking OK, a new EXCEL table will appear, and the corresponding right side will be the label we set, as shown.


    Here we drag the labels into the “rows” window in order, as shown in the figure.


    At this point, you will find that each value on the left occupies a cell, which is close enough to success.


    Right click on the A column and select the effect as shown in the menu that appears.


    Feel free to find an empty column. Right click on the column and select the paste value in the window that appears.


    The effect of pasting the value, is it the effect we want? Thank you for watching, if you are pleased, please leave a message to vote for support.

    Frances- November 29, 2018 |