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The notebook SSD is not displayed, there is no device manager above, what is going on?

Asked by: William Mitchell 236 views Hardware November 30, 2018

The notebook SSD is not displayed, and there is no device manager. What is going on?

12 Answers

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    Look at the BIOS to show it. If there is no problem, there may be a problem with the line or the solid state drive is hung.

    Melissa Thomas- November 30, 2018 |

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    The hard disk is faulty, or there is a problem with the line. Repair it will be

    Roger- November 30, 2018 |

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    This is the hardware Compatible issues

    Jennifer Green- December 1, 2018 |

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    That is not installed right, you recruit professional personnel, help you see

    Stephen Walker- December 1, 2018 |

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    Upstairs friends said right

    Gregory Clark- December 1, 2018 |

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    The hard disk needs to be connected to the power supply line, the data SATA cable can work normally

    After access, boot right, right click on my computer-management-disk management  can see New hard disk

    After right-clicking on the newly partitioned black space, the new partition will appear on my computer, such as C, D, E, F…

    Solid recommended for system disk use

    Solid system disk needs to modify the boot file and reinstall the system to the solid state drive

    SSD, performance Effect and SATA interface algebra, whether 4K alignment, CPU performance related.

    Roger Cook- December 2, 2018 |

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    Under Windows, you can enter the BIOS when you boot. Check if there is any device. If it is not connected at the hardware level, you can only check the interface or Lines

    Susan Jackson- December 2, 2018 |

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    I don’t know if I have never encountered such a thing

    Answer: A serious nonsense

    Gary Scott- December 2, 2018 |

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    Try to shut down the SSD. Is the interface loose?

    Raymond Jones- December 2, 2018 |

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    First look at the BIOS to show it. If not, there may be a problem with the line or the SSD itself has a problem.

    Michael Carter- December 2, 2018 |

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    Do you see it in the BIOS? If not, then there is a problem with the interface or the hard disk!

    Laura- December 2, 2018 |

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    If the device manager does not see it, it indicates a hardware problem, please check the interface.

    Or change to another computer and use the mobile hard disk box to see if it can be recognized.

    Sandra Harrison- December 3, 2018 |