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ZTE ZTE H.248 Optical Cat LAN1 and LAN2 can be used for two data networking respectively?

Asked by: Allen 183 views Internet November 30, 2018

Addition: The model number is: ZXHN F612

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    No, the second one is to open an account when the family needs more than one time (equivalent to paying another broadband fee).

    You can share a light cat. There are cracking methods on the network to enable two ports to access the Internet at the same time, for example (one connected to a computer/one connected to a wireless router).

    The lan1 and lan2 ports on the fiber cat are the two network ports with the same function on the optical cat. If the user has only one broadband, the network provider will usually set the user data on the LAN1 port. Then the LAN2 port is idle. If the user has a second broadband or IPTV demand, the data can be set on the LAN2 port.

    Optical fiber is a shorthand for optical fiber. It is a fiber made of glass or plastic and can be used as a light-conducting tool. The transmission principle is total reflection of light.

    The fine fiber is encapsulated in a plastic sheath so that it can bend without breaking. Typically, the emitting device at one end of the fiber transmits a light pulse to the fiber using a light emitting diode (LED) or a laser beam, and the receiving device at the other end of the fiber detects the pulse using the photosensitive element.

    In daily life, fiber is used as a long-distance information transmission because the conduction loss of light in the optical fiber is much lower than that of electricity conduction in the wire.

    Joseph Taylor- November 30, 2018 |

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    You can connect to the wireless router! One is connected to IPTV! The customer service phone installer who is playing broadband will set it up for free at home! In addition, if you want to use the fiber cat normally, you need to install it to your home to bind your broadband account! Enter your cat’s device address into your local database to use!

    Donald- November 30, 2018 |