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50M fiber broadband, is it similar to 4g network speed?

Asked by: David Clarke 201 views Internet December 5, 2018

The 50M fiber broadband is similar to the 4g network speed?

5 Answers

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    Normally faster than 4G

    Rebecca Cooper- December 6, 2018 |

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    It’s faster than 4g.

    George Wright- December 6, 2018 |

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    It must be faster and faster than 4G. The nature is different.

    Ryan Wright- December 6, 2018 |

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    No, the network of 100~200 megabytes is the same as the 4G network of mobile phones!

    Rebecca Edwards- December 6, 2018 |

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    4G has two standard 50M which is the low one. The tall one is 100M, but in actual use, 4G is difficult to full speed, but light soldering is easy

    Ann Mitchell- December 6, 2018 |