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How to import GZB4 into gccp5.0

Asked by: Joseph Wright 203 views Software December 3, 2018

How to import GZB4 into gccp5.0

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    Build a model in the component of the graphical calculation and set the corresponding engineering practice to select the engineering quantity code. After completing the summary calculation, open the pricing software, create a new project file, and then click in the toolbar above it. Import the graphic calculation file, select the graphic calculation file to be imported in the pop-up dialog box, and then confirm it and import it into the pricing software. After importing, manually add the fixed sub-portions that are not in the graphic calculation, such as Large machinery enters and exits, tower cranes, off-site transportation and other sub-projects, and finally set up the fee adjustment material and so on.

    Lisa Taylor- December 3, 2018 |