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Hello, I want to consult, UF software problems

Asked by: Angela 225 views Software June 20, 2018

My opening balance, inventory amount was recorded as a business trip, but it could not be changed later. Delete all the products will be more than 6, how to modify it. Is it that I have already done a month's certificate can not be changed, to delete all? Thank you

2 Answers

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    See what kind of thing you use, the small point of processing T6 can be satisfied, the module is the general ledger + Invoicing accounting point, you think it is necessary to generate on the production, then consider U8, have standardized production Manufacturing process

    Jeffrey Turner- June 20, 2018 |

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    Simple point, don’t think about it, enter the first voucher to make corrections to the opening balance, followed by the opening balance of the entry balance signed by the supervisor, and the opening balance after printing.

    Stephanie- June 20, 2018 |