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Linux task manager ftp display is not connected

Asked by: Dennis Harris 226 views Software December 5, 2018

Linux task manager ftp display is not connected

2 Answers

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    The server does not open the ftp service Phenomenon: When using the ftp client to log in, it prompts an unknown error  Cause: The ftp service is not enabled, you can use the command chkconfig to view  Resolve: Use the command service to enable the ftp service   Phenomenon: no permission to enter the specified directory  Cause: permission setting problem, use the command getsebool to view (requires root permission) You can see that the switch is off: open the permission setting switch, use the command setsebool (requires root) Privilege Execution)

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    Jason Wilson- December 5, 2018 |

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    You still have no connection, you need to check if the service is enabled or if you support anonymous login.

    Nancy Roberts- December 6, 2018 |