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What should I do if BT3 fails to install? ? ? ? ?

Asked by: Jose Thompson 186 views Software December 7, 2018

I have burned the BT3 image file into the USB flash drive, but the boot screen is black, only one cursor is flashing in the upper left corner, and nothing is useful. Even the BT3 boot boot option can't get in. what should I do? ? ? ?

Addition: Very anxious! Linux gods!

4 Answers

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    Frequently, bt3 device compatibility is still problematic.

    1, first make sure your motherboard supports U disk boot 2, download USBOOT1.7 version, insert U disk. Select your U disk 3, select the working mode as USB-ZIP4, follow the prompts to operate 5, after the completion, decompress BT3 to U disk 6, boot your choice U disk command: cd (space) boot\dosbt3.bat After the execution is finished, log in as root and toor, enter xconf and enter enterx to enter the graphical interface.

    Sarah Young- December 7, 2018 |

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    All formatting and reinstalling

    Paul Clarke- December 7, 2018 |

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    The file is incompatible.

    Angela Smith- December 7, 2018 |

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    BT3 is eliminated, now it is Kali 2018

    Question: No, no, I like the interface of bt3.

    Rebecca Johnson- December 7, 2018 |