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The computer was locked. How can I unlock?

Asked by: Melissa Hill 233 views Computer December 9, 2018

Addition: is a hard disk lock

3 Answers

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    Open “Control Panel\System and Security\BitLocker Drive Encryption”, which has BitLocker encryption turned off. Do you understand? You should have started the bitlocker function that comes with the win7 system and you have deleted the encryption settings of the e disk. , open the control panel — system and security — Bitlocker drive encryption to find the corresponding E drive behind it click “close bitlocker” and then the system automatically start decryption

    Eric Lewis- December 9, 2018 |

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    try to open the chassis, remove the motherboard battery , rest for ten minutes to recover.

    Jeffrey Anderson- December 9, 2018 |

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    The brush machine is solved.

    Amy Roberts- December 9, 2018 |