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About HP 1855

Asked by: Andrew Brown 229 views Hardware December 11, 2018

HP 1855 motherboard, chipset HM75. Now I am using the I3 2348M CPU, which CPU can I upgrade to?

Addition: The machine is 1000-1309TX

3 Answers

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    HP 1855 motherboard, chipset HM75. Now I’m using the I3 2348M CPU, which can be upgraded to the I3-I7 quad core.

    Roberts- December 11, 2018 |

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    This notebook comes with the Core i3-2328M processor, the highest tested processor that can run stably. The type is Intel Core i3-2370M (2.4GHz), the performance is not obvious, it is not recommended to change

    Question: I5 and I7 3XXX can not be used?

    Harris- December 11, 2018 |

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    The machine is not the chipset to support the CPU machine, it must support the corresponding CPU,

    Answer: Although the theoretical second generation Core i mobile platform cpu support But change the CPU and look at the heat dissipation of the machine

    Angela Smith- December 11, 2018 |