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What if the iPhone always shuts down automatically?

Asked by: Linda Lee 200 views Phone & Tablet December 12, 2018

What if the iPhone always shuts down automatically?

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    1. System Firmware Compatibility Problem The mobile phone is hardware, and the system firmware is system software. The system software is responsible for scheduling hardware operation and providing human-computer interaction with the user. We know that Apple’s iOS system is closed, and some people like to break the IOS system restrictions and jailbreak, you can download the free crack APP application and Apple’s forbidden application software. Since some functions of the IOS system firmware have been rewritten, which affects the compatibility of the original system firmware and the mobile phone hardware, the possibility that the system firmware of the jailbreak causes the Apple mobile phone to automatically shut down exists. The solution to this kind of situation is to either re-pick the jailbreak or brush Apple’s official system firmware.

    2, application software plug-in compatibility issues mentioned above Apple’s IOS system is closed, all APP applications running in the IOS system must be officially certified by Apple Test, only the APP application after passing the test can be downloaded and installed by other users in Apple’s APPstore. Some APP applications that affect the security of Apple systems or users, Apple is banned from going online. The Jailbroken Apple mobile phone can be installed to install these APP applications, such as: interface beautification, address book management tools, SMS management tools, file management tools and other APP application plug-ins. Since these plug-ins are not rigorously tested by third parties, they may cause compatibility problems in the system and cause the Apple phone to automatically shut down. The solution to this type of situation is to uninstall the recently installed APP application plugin.

    3, hardware problem battery leakage iphone mobile phone charger is voltage 5V, charging current is 1A, and ipad’s charger voltage is also 5V, charging current is 2A, long-term use ipad charger to charge iphone mobile phone Will damage the battery of the iPhone. If you use a non-original charger, the charging voltage and charging current control is not strict, it will also damage the battery of the iphone mobile phone, so the battery durability of the iphone mobile phone will be relatively poor, the power consumption is very fast, obviously watching the electricity, After a while, the power is consumed. In this case, starting the mobile phone in DFU mode is of course impossible to start, and only the battery of the Apple mobile phone can be replaced.

    4. Hardware Problems The motherboard power IC power IC is a logic control unit on the motherboard for powering the iPhone. If there is a calculation error in the logic control unit, it is obvious that the mobile phone battery has power. On the motherboard power supply IC, it is considered that the mobile phone battery has no power, and the mobile phone is automatically turned off. In this case, you can restart the phone in DFU hard-start mode. When the mobile phone is used for a period of time, the motherboard power supply IC has a calculation error, and then automatically shuts down again. In the case of similar situation, if during the warranty service period, the official after-sales service is free to replace the whole machine. If the warranty service period has passed, you can only find the repair station for maintenance.

    When you encounter a similar problem, you can use the exclusion method to diagnose your mobile phone.

    Henry Thomas- December 12, 2018 |

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    High probability battery problem, it is recommended to go after-sales testing!

    Donna Jackson- December 12, 2018 |

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    Take a look at

    Stephen Lee- December 12, 2018 |

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    Check your phone battery It should be battery aging

    Patricia- December 12, 2018 |

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    Pro, Personally think that it is mainly caused by mobile phone battery, try to replace a new battery, try it, you,

    Gary Thompson- December 13, 2018 |

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    It should be a system problem Try to restore the factory settings It is not only Can brush machine

    Thomas Lee- December 13, 2018 |

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    Is it a battery problem, how long has the battery been used?

    Douglas Robinson- December 13, 2018 |

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    Re-replace the battery

    Kimberly Adams- December 14, 2018 |