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Look at this motherboard can not install RTX750TI

Asked by: Brian 209 views Hardware December 15, 2018

Look at this motherboard can not install RTX750TI, if you can, buy it immediately

4 Answers

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    Yes, the graphics card is the pcie interface, depending on your power supply

    Christopher- December 15, 2018 |

  2. +7Votes  

    can be installed, no problem

    Richard Hughes- December 16, 2018 |

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    can be installed GTX750Ti However, the power supply must have a rated power of 300W.

    In addition, this graphics card is paired with the existing CPU and performance will be lost.

    Ruth- December 16, 2018 |

  4. +1Votes  

    Can be loaded with 750ti

    Deborah Adams- December 17, 2018 |