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Why can’t Huawei glory 9i mobile phone connect to car phone?

Asked by: Rebecca Allen 209 views Phone & Tablet December 17, 2018

Why can't Huawei glory 9i mobile phone connect to car phone?

8 Answers

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    Unmatched (paired) Bluetooth, the car is not equipped with a Bluetooth kit, the car’s Bluetooth antenna is blocked, and HiSilicon has poor support for MediaTek’s onboard Bluetooth protocol. EMUI Bluetooth basic package castration

    Dorothy Harrison- December 17, 2018 |

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    It is estimated that Bluetooth does not match well

    Carolyn- December 17, 2018 |

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    Is Bluetooth not turned on, I suggest you set it back to the car and mobile phone, scan it .

    Helen Hughes- December 17, 2018 |

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    Shut down and reconnect, set it first.

    Thompson- December 17, 2018 |

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    Matching by Bluetooth connection

    Christopher- December 17, 2018 |

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    It should be possible if it matches.

    Joyce King- December 17, 2018 |

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    Connecting the car phone with Bluetooth, A mobile phone Bluetooth match is required to connect.

    Hughes- December 17, 2018 |

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    This is not possible with your Bluetooth connection. You must match it first.

    Anthony Mitchell- December 18, 2018 |