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Cimatron e13 appears to have no modules available after installation, error code 36?

Asked by: Morgan 1,371 views IT December 18, 2018

It’s been installed again, several times, still the same

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    There are many reasons for the error code:
    1. It is not installed when the system is installed;
    2. Some hardware drivers of the computer are not installed;
    3. The cache of the system is not enough, too small;
    4. Some applications install some files and share them with the system files. Once you delete or damage the program, it will damage the system. The computer has error codes. Most of the above four cases As a result, I suggest you fix it according to different situations!
    In fact, no matter what software or program, it is written by the programmer.
    Every programmer wants to write perfect application code.
    It is inevitable that there will be negligence. There are many reasons for this:
    1. Compilation errors are caused by incorrectly writing code. Such as illegal use or missing keywords, missing necessary punctuation, missing function calls Parameters or parentheses do not match, etc. Other errors such as variables do not use mandatory explicit declarations, etc. VB usually reports errors when the code is written or run, and finds the solution according to the error prompt.
    2. Runtime error, yes Refers to the application performing an illegal operation or somewhere during the run The operation failed, if the file to be opened is not found, the disk space is not enough, except for the divisor in the operation. The array subscript is a typical runtime error, which is only found at runtime. 3. Logical error, No errors can be found in the grammar, the application can run, but the expected results are not obtained. It is necessary to analyze and use the debugging tools to find out the cause of the error and correct it.

    Walter- December 19, 2018 |