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OPPOr11 One key root has not succeeded

Asked by: Arthur 228 views Hardware December 19, 2018

Today, for root, downloading a few did not succeed, either blocking the installation, or temporarily unable to obtain root privileges... I asked, is there any success? If there is, leave the process, thank you! For help.

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    Hello, there is currently no way for R11 to get Root.
    Get root permission risk warning:
          1, after the phone root may appear unpredictable system failure: if the restart does not enter the desktop, some functions can not be used normally, or even the phone can not boot;
          2, can not be upgraded normally: OTA upgrade failed, the system font is garbled after the upgrade or even the phone can not boot normally;
          3, after the phone root malware can be more than normal It is easier to invade the mobile phone, posing a risk of being stolen for personal user information and property security.

    Matthew- December 19, 2018 |