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Huawei mobile phone battery is powered down quickly

Asked by: Margaret Evans 227 views Phone & Tablet December 22, 2018

Glory 8 mobile phone, power-off is fast, sometimes when the camera is turned on, it will be turned off immediately. Recharging can't be done, it takes a long time.

Is there any way to solve this?

10 Answers

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    1, [As long as] turn on the camera, the battery will be powered down and shut down. It should be a short circuit fault in [Camera Module].

    2, short circuit fault, will cause the battery [overdischarge] and the voltage is very low, so it takes a long time to charge.

    3, [Camera module] There is a short-circuit fault, only [professional maintenance], send it for repair — Do not test repeatedly to avoid [damage the battery] And increase the loss!

    Arthur Wright- December 22, 2018 |

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    This is estimated to be long enough for mobile phones Change battery

    Christine Morgan- December 23, 2018 |

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    Battery life is up, 500-600 times charge and discharge life, one day More than 1 year will be over.

    Kenneth Morgan- December 24, 2018 |

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    The battery is changed, change it quickly

    Sandra Wilson- December 24, 2018 |

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    The battery life is up to 

    Jennifer Morris- December 24, 2018 |

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    This estimate you have to go to the after-sales to see

    Paul- December 24, 2018 |

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    Need to replace the battery

    Betty- December 24, 2018 |

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    Close the less commonly used applications, often clean the background

    Lisa- December 24, 2018 |

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    jian yi geng huan 

    Matthew- December 24, 2018 |

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    The background running program is closed more, and the software that is running on the phone is turned off or some is turned off.

    Thompson- December 24, 2018 |