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4GU disk to do the boot disk, can not put w732 bit, intend to use the format after the use, but the format is less than 1G, what is the reason?

Asked by: Jose Walker 215 views Hardware December 22, 2018


Addition: The same 2G memory card is also 610m after format. How can I restore the original capacity? . . .

Addition: U disk that has been boot disk before, the capacity is still the same as the original format, why is the capacity less in the format now? How to recover, how to avoid? What is the correct operation?

2 Answers

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    The boot disk PE is occupied. You can use the disk management software to delete the partition.

    Question: Specific operations. . .

    saber- December 22, 2018 |

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    Reformatting again

    saber- December 22, 2018 |