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Win10 settings turn off the update and boot again  also prompt to update the system

Asked by: Roger Turner 249 views Software December 26, 2018

Please expert guidance,

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    First, we open our computer, then we right click on the Microsoft button in the lower left corner of the computer;

    The pop-up interface, we click to run;

    After entering the run, we enter services.msc;

    Then we click the OK button;

    The pop-up interface, we carry out the drop-down interface;

    Then We find Windows Update, we double click to open;

    pop-up interface, we click to restore;

    pop-up interface, we click the drop-down arrow in the icon;

    pop-up interface, we click no operation;

    then we click on the application, then we click OK.


    Diane Brown- December 26, 2018 |