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ASUS computer power connection is not charging

Asked by: Hill 237 views Computer December 25, 2018

My computer is new, but today I found that the computer power supply shows 79%. Is it not charging when plugged in? I don't know why, I didn't set it up, but if it is lower than 79, it will continue to display charging! Ask God to answer

2 Answers

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    Look at the bottom right corner, there is a power management program,

    There is a power mode inside, you are now turning on the long life mode, this kind of The setting is to protect the power supply and increase the life. If you need to bring it out, then you can change the mode.

    William- December 25, 2018 |

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    Since it is a new machine, you should look for ASUS after-sales or dealers to ask, if it is a hardware problem, immediately ask for a new one, this does not need to do it yourself, so as not to over-warranty and renewal period.

    Ruth Scott- December 25, 2018 |