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I7 9700k+ASUS z390-a+How many points can the Rainbow 1080ti run?

Asked by: Anna Roberts 179 views Hardware December 26, 2018

The performance can not reach the maximum processor, I want to match the live computer.

3 Answers

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    If you are using Master Lu, I7 9700K (10W ~ 13W points) + Colorful GTX1080TI (38W ~ 42W points) is about 50W points, the test results will be based on the computer’s system environment (system version, boot loader software, etc.) There are differences, and the i7 9700k can improve performance by overclocking.

    Attach the same test screenshot on Taobao for reference:

    Betty Mitchell- December 26, 2018 |

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    A good configuration still needs to run points. Master Lu runs is purely entertainment and cannot be used as a measure of hardware performance.

    Edward- December 26, 2018 |

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    There are a lot of machines on the Internet with the same configuration, you know it yourself, and the processor will be overclocked

    Hill- December 26, 2018 |