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Light cat connection router can not connect to the network

Asked by: Phillips 171 views Hardware January 5, 2019

Please teach the light cat to connect directly to the computer, enter the account password, you can access the Internet normally, but you must dial every time you turn on the Internet. But the light cat can't access the Internet after connecting the router. The router setting is correct. I tried it with 3 routers. The LAM indicator of the router and the optical cat is always on. When the cat is directly connected to the computer, the LAM light is flashing. A yellow exclamation mark appears in the lower right corner. Unicom technicians have seen it at home, but still can't solve it. He said that it is a problem with the light cat and left. But I think if you have a problem with the light cat, why can you go online without using a router? I am very grateful to see which expert can help me solve this problem. Attach a photo of a light cat



11 Answers

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    Computer connection light cat can go online to explain that there is no problem with the light cat; customer service can help you set up the router, the connection setting should be at least correct, the yellow exclamation mark in the lower right corner of the computer, generally does not appear when the legal IP address is obtained, you can click Icon – Open Network and Sharing Center – Click Local Area Connection – Select Properties; select Internet Protocol Version 4 in the Local Area Connection Properties, and then click the “Properties” button below to select the IP address automatically. If you want to specify an IP address, you must contact the router. The same network segment, otherwise the IP address will be illegal and cannot be connected.

    David Williams- January 5, 2019 |

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    It’s good to call Unicom broadband installation customer service. When you install broadband, you will always have a phone call.

    Donna- January 5, 2019 |

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    You may wish to reset the router. Try

    Karen Taylor- January 5, 2019 |

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    The router wants this to be automatically dial-up afterwards

    Morris- January 6, 2019 |

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    The router settings also have the account password

    Melissa Harris- January 6, 2019 |

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    Light cat does not need to dial, you should also find Unicom to solve 3 problems.

    Gary Lewis- January 6, 2019 |

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    Is the router set to PPPOE Internet mode?

    Donald- January 6, 2019 |

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    Press and hold the router’s RESET to reset it, then set up the router. If it still doesn’t work, change the router

    David Smith- January 7, 2019 |

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    Dynamic IP Internet access is not available for routing, only switching mode, or direct swapping of switches.

    Walter Green- January 7, 2019 |

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    You need to let the router automatically get the IP of the light cat

    Robert- January 7, 2019 |

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    Change the light cat to try

    Morgan- January 7, 2019 |