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Cf installation error

Asked by: Kimberly Morris 215 views IT January 10, 2019

Cf installation error

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    The installation file is corrupted and re-downloaded to complete the installation. Please close the anti-virus software before downloading the game to avoid accidentally deleting the game installation files and related files during the download process.

    Uninstall the previously installed game before installing the game, and then manually find the directory where the game is located to complete the work of deleting the remaining files.

    Turn on 360 or the computer butler to clean up the uninstall and save it, then delete it and install it. You can change the drive letter when installing the game, do not modify the installation path, ensure that the game is installed to the root directory (D, E, F), and ensure that it is not installed in the system disk (the installation of software in the C drive will delay the computer operation Speed), the installation path should try not to have too many subdirectories.

    Update the driver to the latest graphics card with the relevant software to avoid the fact that the graphics card driver is not up-to-date and cannot be started. Please update the original driver before updating the graphics driver. Check whether the computer hardware configuration meets the minimum requirements of the game. The minimum match is only to bring up the theoretical minimum value of the game. If you want to play the game, you should also meet the recommended configuration requirements.

    Elizabeth Lewis- January 10, 2019 |