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What generic failure test cases should be used if the test program delivers print content to the printer?

Asked by: Christine Clark 235 views Hardware January 17, 2019

What generic failure test cases should be used if the test program delivers print content to the printer?

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    First of all, I am not in a hurry to answer your question.
    You should check your own words for errors. The key to software testing is to be careful and serious.
    Second, your question
    1. How do you conduct regression testing, generally for a few rounds, specifically?
    2. How many use cases do you have to write a project chief?
    3. Do you know how big a project code is?
    4. What is the testing process of your company?
    5. What are you doing before testing?
    6. In the test plan, what is your project manager based on assigning tasks to you?
    7. Where do your test data come from?
    8. During the test and development due to the BUG conflict, how does your company solve?
    9. Specifically talk about the difference between capacity test, strength test, load test?
    10. How is your company conducting the review?
    11. Is the project time you write the time from the beginning to the end of the entire project, or is it just the test time?
    12. When the development is done, the test is doing?
    1. Generally, the smoke test is first performed. First, it is determined that the tested software can run, and then the first round of testing is performed. After the problem is detected, it is signed and confirmed by the project manager and then sent to each programmer for modification. Confirm the date of the regression test. The main part of the regression test is to test the modified part, and at the same time, it can not cause other problems. In general, the problem will not occur after the first round of regression testing is completed, but the second round of regression testing will occur in the actual process. If there is a third round of regression testing, we will submit the problem to the quality problem report.
    2, the number of test cases depends mainly on the size of the project, the project is relatively large, the business is more complex test cases relatively more, on the contrary, the project is relatively small, the business is relatively simple test cases are relatively less. It is not a good test case, but the test case reusability is good, indicating that the test case is selected.
    3, depending on the project.
    Team size
    Cycle length 10 or more 5 people-10 people 3-5 people 3 people or less
    6 months or more Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
    2 months-6 months Class II, Class 3, Class 4, Class 2, Class 2, Class 2, Class 3, Class 3, Class 4, Test Process:
    According to the test plan, the project manager submits test documents and code or executable files – The test manager arranges the test tasks according to the test plan – first the test engineer performs the smoke test, the smoke test passes, and then enters the functional test – after the bug is discovered, the bug is recorded and the bug is managed – after the round of testing is completed, the project manager is submitted. Confirmation – After the project manager confirms, modify the task assignment –  the programmer makes the modification – after the modification is completed, submit it to the project manager for confirmation – then submit it to the test group for regression testing, if there is no problem, the test ends, if there is a problem –  repeat The above work is carried out in the second round of testing.
    5. According to the requirements, before the test, the test plan is prepared after the development plan is completed. In the demand stage, we should do the system test plan and the system test case. In the design stage, we should compile the integrated test plan and the integration test case. At the stage, we should develop unit test plans and unit test cases. But in real life, we only compile system test plans and system test cases.
    6, the task assigned to us by the test manager should be based on the project development plan and the level and technical expertise of each tester.
    7, test data generally comes from user needs, summary, detailed, database design documents, test cases or user actual data.
    8, according to the needs, through communication to solve the problem, if the requirements are not clear, then refer to the design and listen to the analyst’s opinion.
    9, load test is a performance test, which refers to the data running in an overloaded environment, whether the program can bear, the response time is what, the test results and time, such as speed, response time.
    Intensity test: Under the condition of a certain load, the continuous operation of the system in a long time span will affect the performance of the system. The test results show whether the hardware is full, such as memory overflow.
    Capacity test: Determine the maximum number of users that the system can handle online at the same time. The test results are mainly for the data in the database.
    10. After the completion of the development plan, user requirements, requirements analysis specification, summary design, detailed design, database design and other documents, the review is generally conducted by peer review. It is usually done in the form of a formal meeting.
    11. Project time generally refers to the period from project establishment to customer acceptance and remittance. Does not include the maintenance phase.
    12. When developing analysis design and coding, the test is to write test cases and prepare test data.
    Finally, I am telling you that I am not doing software testing, but I hope that I can help you with what I know. I also have a test document. I don’t know if I can help you. If you need it, please ask me.
    I hope you can become a talent expert in this area!

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