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Linux dual network port configuration

Asked by: Andrew 178 views Hardware January 18, 2019

The server is linux system, dual network card, with routing function, eth1 address is, eth2 network card is enabled, but no ip address is configured, I took a notebook, the address is matched with, inserted in the network corresponding to eth2 On the mouth, go to ping the address of the server eth1. Phenomenon: ping nowhere question: Is eth2 also configured address, in order to ping通? Xiaobai, ask for advice

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    Because your eth2 has no address, you certainly can’t pass it.

    Even if you configure eth2 with an address, and it is not the network address of 172.28.70.X, you still can’t pass

    Your notebook can only be accessed by eth1

    Question: Ok, thank you

    Ronald- January 19, 2019 |