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Steam has problems connecting to the steam server

Asked by: Gary 197 views Internet January 18, 2019

Steam has problems connecting to the steam server

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    Cause: The problem that this steam can’t connect to the server is caused by the fact that your network can’t connect to the platform server of steam. At this time, we need to change the network environment or use the hotspot to log in.


    The users of the campus network class are prone to such problems. The firewall of the school will automatically filter the server IP outside the domain, so we can easily be restricted when accessing the server. Users of the campus network can Connect the traffic with your mobile phone, then log in to the platform with a USB shared network. After logging in, we can cancel the sharing.


    Of course, non-campus users can also use the above method to connect, then if we do not want to use this method to log in, then how to solve it? In fact, we can modify the hosts file and DNS. First, we open CMD, and then enter: notepad "%systemroot%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts"

    by the command string files, of course we also There are other ways to open the hosts file.

    0How to open the hosts file How to open the hosts file


    Then we enter the following in it: store.steampowered.com steamcommunity.com partner.steamgames.com

    Then save.


    Then we open the dns settings, we set the primary DNS to or alternately, and then we can log in to the steam.

    Sharon King- January 18, 2019 |

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    Try the computer again

    Kathleen Martin- January 19, 2019 |