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Use the following method to backup mysql, execute the backup_db.bat file to generate the .sql file, but the file has no data.

Asked by: Charles Thomas 190 views IT January 21, 2019

Supplement: The database to be backed up has a data table

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    Your mysql is installed in the C directory mysql directory

    and make sure your username and password are correct

    Question: Generate .sql files after execution

    Answer: As long as you have
    This symbol, you can generate sql
    Such as
    Echo “aaa” > aa.sql
    Will generate a aa.sql, the content is aaa
    So, if your program is wrong, it will also generate sql
    This is the batch of common sense

    Question: Of course, according to the local Mysql what changed

    Question: As shown, the content that needs to be modified has been modified

    Answer : You need to be quoted before (from “C:\proi…..to dump”)
    You’d better do it manually beforehand to see if there is an error

    Question: Yes, yes, thank you

    Mary Smith- January 21, 2019 |