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Why is CAD to PDF incomplete?

Asked by: Amy Cook 225 views Software January 30, 2019

Why is CAD to PDF incomplete?

3 Answers

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    ctrl+p  Print range selection window  Select the part to be printed  唉!

    Jessica- January 30, 2019 |

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    In the CAD drawing process, we may encounter such a problem: after completing the CAD drawing, in order to facilitate the reading, it will often be directly output into PDF format. After the output is completed, open one. Look, found that the original drawing is very different, the output PDF is not complete, how to deal with this situation?


    1. Run the CAD editor and click [File] – [Batch Processing] on the left to open the batch dialog.


    2, click [Add File] to add CAD drawings that need to be output as PDF.



    3. Select the PDF format for the output format and check Start preview.



    4. In the right conversion setting, select [Custom] to open the PDF Output Options dialog box. Select the page size to 1:1 and adjust the quality to high, then click Apply – OK. Then preview the output effect, confirm the error, set the file output directory, click [Start] to enter the conversion state, after the output is completed, you can get the complete PDF format drawing.

    Raymond- January 30, 2019 |

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    There may be no choices for all.

    Mitchell- January 30, 2019 |