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Gis10.3 connected database prompts the underlying database error

Asked by: Jennifer Patel 212 views IT January 29, 2019

Addition: How to solve it, you can associate data

2 Answers

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    Workaround: 1. Create a blank map document and define the same geographic coordinate system as the target layer for the entire data frame. Do not set the projected coordinate system. Since the imported data is mostly latitude and longitude data, the data frame is set to degrees (or degrees and seconds). 2. Add table data. Add XY point data (the format needs to be .xls). 3. Export point data, select the same as the data frame. 4. Add data to the target data layer and it will display normally.

    Dennis Morris- January 30, 2019 |

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    You need to select [Associate TDE Database] under the [Database Operation] menu, and select a database to use to store data.

    Shirley Wilson- January 30, 2019 |