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The internal digital filtering of the microcontroller removes the pseudo code of the interference.

Asked by: Matthew Adams 223 views IT February 1, 2019

The title of the MCU: Suppose I am sampling the signal in the (possibly the video) electric power. It is mixed (may be the video). The 50Hz interference is inside. How do you use digital filtering? Remove this interference, write a digitally filtered code, pseudo code just fine.

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    The code can’t be written, the idea can be discussed publicly

    1. Assuming that a wave + sync + interference is sampled, the sync signal must first be found. This is the key.

    2, let the signal-free wave adopt the average value. Filter the bottom to remove the noise.

    3. After the maximum peak value is compared, the head is cut (signal amplitude), and the spike glitch interference is cleared.

    4. Smoothing processing, partial mutation is excessively average, which is the filtering effect.

    5, some may use the interpolation method (read CD, waveform loss), fill the missing function.

    6, high and low frequency blocking, some are not in the range of 50HZ in the sound wave range or 20KHZ in the traveling wave of the TV, the method of digital frequency comparison separation or interference source frequency amplitude compensation. Here, a variety of filtering methods can be used to separate low frequency or high frequency interference because it is designed twice in bandwidth.

    Jennifer Jones- February 2, 2019 |