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After connecting the glazing cat, the webpage you visited is wrong!

Asked by: Andrew Green 178 views Internet February 4, 2019

Telecom light cat does not connect directly to the notebook through the router. Some web pages have errors in the pages you visit! And IE can't open the webpage. But the connection router has nothing to do, how to solve it?

Addition: Ethernet can't connect to internet

4 Answers

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    Light cats need to create a dial-up connection. If you don’t dial, you must go through the router to access the Internet.

    Wilson- February 5, 2019 |

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    Nothing needs to be done, because I have done the same attempt, and the “shameful” failure. The final conclusion is that the telecommunications optical cat is encrypted, the setting is unique, and it is operated in two directions according to the standard procedures of telecommunications. You should not try to expand the link in vain. Or honestly use (telecom also provides) the wireless router you are used to connect your device.

    Question: Can that telecommunications change over there?

    John Williams- February 5, 2019 |

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    After picking up the cat, you also need to have a dialing process.

    Amy Campbell- February 5, 2019 |

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    Check if the network cable or telephone line is loose;
    Check if the network equipment such as modem is overheated, try again after rebooting;
    It is recommended that you perform a full virus scan on the computer.
    If you can’t solve it after self-service troubleshooting, we suggest you contact the local customer service to report the problem.

    Edward Campbell- February 5, 2019 |