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Linux installation 32-bit database execution db2admin start error

Asked by: Charles Mitchell 255 views IT February 5, 2019

According to the website http://www.cnblogs.com/zxlovenet/p/3972766.html, the 8th step is reported, the installation can be done locally, the remote connection fails, the tool can be connected but the sql statement cannot be executed. The error statement is SQL4401C  The DB2 Administration Server encountered an error during startup.

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    What is missing?
    64-bit system installed 32-bit library is normal. Because of the operating system principle, your db2 estimate provides 32-bit programs that result in the need for 32-bit libraries.
    General 64-bit systems have 32-bit compatible libraries, and they are OK.
    But if you really can’t use these 32-bit programs, you can see if your program can not install this part.
    Generally speaking, 64-bit programs should not require a 32-bit library.

    Jerry- February 6, 2019 |