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How to use Internet thinking to develop agriculture?

Asked by: Jeffrey 385 views Internet February 6, 2019

How to use Internet thinking to develop agriculture?

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    Traditional agricultural production relies mainly on the teaching of experience, and the words and deeds are based on the feelings. Similar to traditional Chinese medicine, modern agricultural informationization is to transform production experience into data standards, which can be checked and controlled, more like Western medicine. Today, with the rapid development of modern agriculture, traditional agriculture relies on expert experience to teach that the planting model can no longer adapt to the development of modern agriculture. Based on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, and agricultural production technology, it provides agricultural producers with production from production to The “smart agriculture” overall solution can help agricultural producers to increase the per mu yield, stabilize product quality, reduce production costs, conserve natural resources, and reduce environmental pollution, but it can promote the development of modern agriculture. It mainly includes the following aspect:
    Remote intelligent agricultural monitoring: real-time monitoring of the climate environment, soil conditions, crop growth, pests and diseases of agricultural production sites by establishing an “Internet of Things” monitoring network at the agricultural production site; and on-site various agricultural facilities according to preset rules The equipment is remotely controlled to achieve massive data collection and precise control execution in agricultural production.
    Standardized production of agricultural products: through independent research and development or cooperation with third parties, the agricultural production and evaluation model of “climate, soil, agriculture, and physiology” is gradually established for agricultural products, and the agricultural production is from the traditional model of human-centeredness. The transformation is a modern data-centric model, through the real landing of data-driven agricultural production standardization, and then the customized production of agricultural products.
    Traceability of agricultural products and anti-counterfeiting: Through the collection of relevant data on production, processing, warehousing, logistics and other aspects of agricultural products, we will create visual product files for agricultural products, fully display product safety and quality information to consumers, and realize farmland to table. Two-way traceability. At the same time, through the one-and-one-code technology, it helps agricultural production and distribution enterprises to achieve product anti-counterfeiting and authenticity, and accurately obtain customer distribution data.
    Agricultural product brand marketing service: relying on professional agricultural product marketing team to provide differentiated brand services for quality agricultural products. By refining the core concepts of the brand, creating brand stories, packaging design and media content marketing, while docking specific sales channels, thoroughly opening up the agricultural product supply chain, enhancing the brand’s mental salience and purchasing convenience, helping customers maximize brand value and achieve product value-added and Farmers increase their income.

    Nancy Brown- February 6, 2019 |

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    First, create efficient and cheap marketing portals, enter the mainstream e-commerce platform or belong to your own promotion channel e-commerce platform, let your products go to the Internet

    Agriculture should be built efficiently Cheap marketing portals must not be blindly obeyed. There are several principles to follow:

    You cannot generalize marketing. Any industry has its own potential customers, these customers are the important goal of sales, integrated data precise positioning, this is the first lesson of agricultural marketing.

    Quality and service are equally important. Focusing on quality, coupled with the use of customer service to maintain close contact with customers, marketing can play its due role.

    Properly control the industry chain. Don’t be greedy, don’t be narrow, you can’t try to cover the entire industry chain, and you can’t just focus on one aspect.

    The rational distribution, optimized utilization, and strict integration of quality control and product standardization in the production process are the most important.

    Second, establish a safe and healthy brand image

    Food safety issues have received much attention, and people’s trust in food safety has been decreasing. How to regain the trust of customers is an urgent problem to be solved in traditional agriculture.

    The most direct way to restore people’s trust in agricultural products is to restore the transparency of the agricultural product production chain, which is almost an impossible task in traditional agriculture, but Internet agriculture A strong online communication model makes up for this shortcoming.

    The traceability system is extended from the food industry. People can trace the entire production process through a small QR code, including the location of the cultivation, the growing environment, when to pick, and the date of picking. Etc. This will achieve transparency in the industrial process. Of course, its implementation also requires the support of the Internet.

    Lisa Allen- February 6, 2019 |

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    There must be a clear and mature premise – in areas where agriculture can be developed, there must be a well-equipped Internet that is sufficient to support Information transmission and the ability to guarantee normal power supply!

    —and on the secondary side, there must be a professional who is proficient in computer operation and proficient in maintenance!

    Marie- February 6, 2019 |