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Asked by: Green 236 views Software February 6, 2019

How can I calculate the remittance data of sheet1 (January) in the construction of sheet1 (January) to the monthly cumulative turnover of sheet2 (January January), and then if there is an increase in sheet1 in sheet1, sheet2 (January summary) The monthly cumulative turnover will be automatically updated

3 Answers

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    D3 cell input formula: Pull down the formula again!

    =SUMIF(‘January’!L:L, ‘January’! F:F,B3)

    Patrick James- February 6, 2019 |

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    You can use sumif function, =sumif(D7,’ January ‘!F:F, ‘January’! L:L) Yes

    Deborah Lewis- February 6, 2019 |

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    =sumif(D7, ‘January’!F:F, ‘January’! L:L )

    Donna Hughes- February 7, 2019 |