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The computer has no sound

Asked by: Pamela Martin 245 views Computer February 5, 2019

A long time

7 Answers

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    Use the driver wizard software to download and install the sound card driver or 360 manual service online repair.

    Eric Turner- February 5, 2019 |

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    Download the latest driver installation, reset it

    Michael Hall- February 6, 2019 |

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    Fix it with the driver master

    Laura Davies- February 6, 2019 |

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    1 first Click on the control panel.

    2 Then click on Hardware and Sound.

    3Click to change the system sound after entering.

    Deborah White- February 6, 2019 |

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    Use the following steps to check or repair according to the steps, and pay attention to the test sound of each step:
    1, the system partition disk check error. Win key + R, enter diskmgmt.msc Enter, open disk management, disk icon, right click – property – tool – check error: [xp / w7] start check – check “automatically repair file system error” –Start. If prompted: forced removal, cancel; plan disk check, confirm, please restart the computer for inspection; [w8/10] check – scan the drive.
    2, the volume size check. Check if the volume is too small or muted (red circle) in the lower right corner of the desktop. If the volume icon is gone:
    1XP System: Start–Control Panel–Sound and Audio Devices–Volume: Tick “Put the volume icon into the taskbar”;
    2 Other systems: Taskbar right button – – Properties – Taskbar – Custom (–Notification and Action w10) – Turn system icon on or off – Volume: On.
    3, external equipment inspection. Check whether the socket of the external access device is correct, whether the cable is plugged in, the volume is too low, and the rotation or plugging is used to eliminate the bad contact; respectively, the speaker and the earphone are used to determine whether it is a system problem or an access device problem.
    4, sound component repair. Open 360 manual service: Enter the “Computer no sound” lookup scheme to fix. If there is no sound on the net, enter the “No sound on the Internet” search plan to fix it. If there is no sound in the switch, enter the “No sound on/off” search scheme to fix it.
    5, system sound check.
    1 audio service check. Win key + R, enter services.msc Enter, open the system service, double-click “Windows Audio” – General: “Startup type” should be “Automatic”; “Service status” should be “Start” (gray).
    2 audio equipment inspection. Win key + R, enter mmsys.cpl Enter: Check if the access device is disabled, the insertion is good, and so on.
    3 sound card equipment inspection. Win key + R, enter devmgmt.msc Enter, open the device manager – sound, video and game controller:
    If the down arrow appears, the sound card is disabled, right click the sound card device click “enable”; > If a question mark appears, the driver is not installed or installed incorrectly, reinstall the sound card driver. If there is no dedicated driver, use “Drive Life (http://qd.160.com/)” to detect the driver installation (please check the version first) List, if you have a driver for your own computer brand, select it to install);
    If there is a yellow exclamation mark or no abnormality, right click on the sound card device and select “Update Driver Software”.
    In addition, if it is caused by the update driver, right click on the sound card device and select “Properties”–Driver–Return the driver to try.

    Ruth Walker- February 6, 2019 |

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    It may be a driver problem. It is recommended to re-install the sound card driver with 360 driver.

    Carolyn Moore- February 6, 2019 |

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    Check the order. First, look at the interface to ensure the connection is correct; Is to look at the quality of the speaker (can be tested by mobile phones and other equipment); the third is to look at the driver, generally there is a small speaker in the lower right corner to indicate that the driver is basically no problem

    Ryan Taylor- February 6, 2019 |