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Multi-digit sorting formula in spreadsheet

Asked by: Gregory Ward 200 views Software February 6, 2019

If there are multiple lines in the spreadsheet, find the sort formula drop in the peers

such as   65  , 36,25,54, becomes 25,36,54,65

2 Answers

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    Answer: If it is more than one row and multiple columns, just expand the area, such as:

    Question: Thank you, what number is filled in a1

    Answer: If your level is not very high, you can’t adjust the formula given by others, you can provide your own screenshot, so You can use the formula given by others.

    Answer: The screenshots are similar to the screenshots I gave, there are rows, columns, and similar data (if the real data needs to be kept secret, similar data should be of the same type, and the values ​​should be replaced by values) , string application string substitution, date application date substitution, …)

    Cynthia Brown- February 6, 2019 |

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    From a literal point of view, this problem does not require a formula. Take a look at the previous picture.

    Amanda- February 6, 2019 |