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This is the best era and the worst. How to understand

Asked by: Henry Patel 176 views Hardware February 7, 2019

This is the best era and the worst. How to understand

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    From Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities. “Tale of Two Cities” is a historical novel based on the French Revolution in the 18th century. The story connects the two big cities of Paris and London. It is a description of the family of Menit, full of love and adventure, interspersed with the cruelty of the nobility. The anger of the people, the trial of the spies, and so on. Dickens wrote with his wonderful flowers, and it was as vivid as ever. In particular, Karden, a young lawyer who is desperate for life, finally exerts the spirit of “love is sacrifice” and gives the reader an unforgettable feeling.

    If you look at it from a modern perspective, I think it can be understood as an era of competition and opportunity. This era is fiercely competitive, but it is a good one for those who are willing to seize the opportunity to work hard. The era. When the big waves wash the sand, the people will be out, and if they don’t work hard, they will be degraded.

    Linda Wright- February 7, 2019 |

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    Everyone has opportunities and risks

    Ruth Wood- February 8, 2019 |

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    Every time is both difficulties and opportunities. This is a dual decision of affairs, such as: cars bring convenience to people’s travel and material transportation, but also bring traffic accidents and emissions pollution.

    Barbara King- February 9, 2019 |