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Logitech mouse M310t how to code

Asked by: Douglas Lee 64 views Hardware February 8, 2019

Logitech mouse M310t how to code

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    How Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard should be coded


        Because of the maturity of software technology, most of Logitech’s wireless mouse and keyboard products There is no independent code pair button, and the re-pairing needs to be done by software.

    To re-code your mouse, you need to download the software from the Logitech website to complete.

    First enter the Logitech product category page (https://support.logitech.com.cn/zh_cn/home copy to my address to open the browser), find the category in the product category, enter Grading page, then find the corresponding product model, and then select the software according to the operating system and personal needs, here we need to download the “Logitech Connection Utility”.     After downloading the re-coded linker, the next steps are simple. Players only need to follow the software prompts, dial the switch at the bottom of the mouse to complete the code process (network disk download address: pan.baidu.com/s/1nu80RxR  Sometimes it may not be successful, need to repeat several times Until the keyboard is successfully connected).

    Christine Lee- February 8, 2019 |

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    You can download the Logitech mouse code software on Logitech’s official website to re-code.

    Henry- February 8, 2019 |