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If the SAT is scored too many times, will it affect the success rate of the application?

Asked by: Margaret Harris 220 views Internet February 12, 2019

If the SAT is scored too many times, will it affect the success rate of the application?

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    Many students in Shenmei think that the standardization test and the language test are inversely proportional to the success rate of the elite school application. Some students even think that if there are multiple test records in the test account, they will leave a bad impression on the applicant school. Therefore, many students are concerned that the number of exams will affect the application of prestigious schools, and whether the applicants will see the test records in their test accounts. Knowledge about exam scores and delivery grades.

    First, the exam records in your account are visible to US universities;

    Second, statistics show that if your SAT is taken more than 3 times, Your scores will not be greatly improved;

    Third, the SAT scores submitted by American universities are based on the results you voluntarily submitted.

    Fourth, American universities are very fond of recruiting students, rather than looking for various excuses to shut out students, so don’t think of the staff at American universities to do everything possible. . So for many universities, if you submit them to the results many times, they are even willing to piece together the better parts of your scores, which will be the reason for them to enroll you, such as an exam for your reading. Good grades, but poor writing; another time is good writing and poor reading, then they are very willing to put together the better reading and writing scores in your two exams, which is what we call the “spelling points.”

    Fifth, American universities like to see growth trends. For example, you have tested SAT scores many times, although they are not very high each time, but each time is higher than before, then you You can submit all the results and let them see that you are constantly improving and growing, which they like to see.

    In summary, the increase in the number of exams does not mean that you will get a negative evaluation, but there will be unexpected surprises.

    Helen Allen- February 12, 2019 |

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    This will have a little impact.

    Michael Hughes- February 12, 2019 |