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Ipv4 has no internet access rights  online methods have tried no matter what

Asked by: Melissa King 235 views Internet February 12, 2019

Ipv4 has no internet access rights  online methods have tried no matter what

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    What should I do if ipv4 has no internet access?


    First, do the following: Click on “Details” and then click on the Details option in the Local Connection Status.



    View “IPv4 Address”


    If the display: 169.XXX, it means that there is a problem with the communication (connection) between the computer and the router, and the computer does not obtain the IP address information from the router.


    The IPv4 address in the local connection is an IP beginning with 169.



    (1), check if the connection between the computer and the router is correct. The correct connection method is: computer network cable Connect to any of the router’s LAN ports (1, 2, 3, 4).

    (2) If the connection is correct, please check if the indicator light on the LAN port of the computer and the LAN port on the router is blinking?

    (3), change a new network cable, reconnect your computer and router.

    3, if the result is not the beginning of 169, but 192.168.1.X, 192.168.0.X, 172.16.1.X, as shown below; indicating the connection between the computer and the router The correct one is mostly caused by the unsuccessful setting on the router.



    The IPv4 address in the local connection is IP starting with: 192

    At this time, enter the router setting interface. Under the “System Status” (some routers call it “Running Status”) option, check the “WAN Port Status” information. At this time, most of the displays are not connected, and the “WAN port status” is displayed. The parameters below are all 0



    the router WAN port status is 0


    1), please check if the connection of the router is correct; the WAN port of the router can only connect to the cat, optical cat or the home network cable, and the computer can only connect to the LAN (1, 2) 3, 4) mouth.

    2), reset the router to access the Internet, pay attention to the choice of Internet access on the router, the general router has: PPPoE dialing (some called: broadband connection dialing), dynamic IP (automatic acquisition), fixed IP ( Static IP) These three kinds.

    Joseph Cooper- February 12, 2019 |

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       First determine what state the network is in, that is, the status bar icon in the lower right corner is generally only three:   a.There are red crosses on the icon   b.There are yellow exclamation points on the icon.   C. The icon is normal but not online

    There is a solution icon Yellow exclamation point: 1 Locally connected IP and DNS settings are automatically obtained 2 You can try to restore the router to factory settings and then try again from the new settings. 3 Expand Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System, and Internet Communication Management, and then click Internet Communication Settings. Find “Close the Windows Network Connection Status Indicator Activity Test” in the list and double-click it, then click Enabled (the default is not configured). 4 Network and Sharing Center – Wireless Network – Attributes – Sharing – Allowing other network users to pass the Inent Link 5 may be disabled by security software such as 360. From the Control Panel—Administrative Tools—Services: DHCP Client Service (DHCP Client)  Is it banned? If it is disabled, it will be ok. If 360 Security Guard is installed: From Advanced Tools — Booting item management — The system comes with a startup item to check whether the DHCP client service (DHCP Client)  is disabled. If it is disabled, it will be ok. Because some of the 360 ​​security guards are optimized to be turned off. 6Click the keyboard WIN+R and enter the following two commands: NETSH INT IP RESETIPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS4. Check if the problem still exists after restarting the computer. 7 Check the IPV4 address, gateway and sub-section in the detailed information on the wireless network. Is the netmask correct? If the router uses the DHCP service, then the general address is 192.168.1.XXX. If this IP is not the reserved IP, you can check whether the DHCP client service (DHCP Client) of this machine is disabled. (Using method 5) 8 If the method is invalid, you can assign a static gateway and IP   The assigned gateway is the gateway address of the router is generally  The assigned address is within the scope of the router DHCP service.   The subnet mask is All methods are invalid. It is recommended to reinstall the system or call the broadband operator’s customer service to solve the problem. END

    Resolve the method of red cross on the icon: If there is a red cross on the icon and you can’t access the Internet, there is a problem with the NIC driver. It is recommended to uninstall the original NIC driver according to the NIC model of the machine. Drive or install the driver wizard, drive life and other software in advance. If there is a red cross on the icon but you can access the Internet, there are usually two services that are not enabled. “Network locetion Awareness" and "Network List Service" Not enabled, these two are resolved. 3 It is also possible that due to hardware problems, the network cable is not plugged in or the network card has a problem, but this possibility is very small. END

    The icon is normal but cannot be accessed online. 11. Generally, please check if the broadband is in arrears, whether the connection network cable is normal, whether the LSP is hijacked, whether the DNS is abnormal, and whether the computer has a Trojan or virus.


    Jessica King- February 13, 2019 |

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    Check if the ip address and DNS address are correct.

    Michelle Green- February 14, 2019 |