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How to uninstall solidworks?

Asked by: Jones 207 views Software February 22, 2019

How to uninstall solidworks?

3 Answers

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    If the uninstaller in the Control Panel   Add Remove Program  has been corrupted, the uninstaller under the folder of the Start Menu will not work properly,

    You have to uninstall normally, you need to re-install this program, so the uninstaller will be fixed, you can uninstall it properly

    Robert Taylor- February 22, 2019 |

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    If the regular method Can not uninstall, you can try to use 360 ​​to force uninstall, if you can not manually delete and clean the registry

    Wood- February 22, 2019 |

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    Installation files have uninstalled applications   or uninstall directly in the software housekeeper

    Mary Smith- February 22, 2019 |