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The following configuration can play gta4ma?

Asked by: Nancy Johnson 185 views Hardware February 25, 2019

The following configuration can play gta4ma?

6 Answers

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    Can’t play, the lowest-end A4 processor, or the 15W low-power version, the performance is not as good as the Pentium dual-core ten years ago, or nuclear display, can not play large 3D games, the mainstream single machine more than a decade ago Can’t play.

    Answer: This desktop is to reduce the cost, the CPU of the notebook netbook is used on the desktop.

    Jeffrey Harrison- February 26, 2019 |

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    It’s good to add this level of graphics card

    James Wood- February 26, 2019 |

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    Do not want to be a dog, don’t use it, no upgrade is necessary, buy more than 2,000 desktops are better than him

    Marie Adams- February 26, 2019 |

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    Can play, but the effect will be poor, it is recommended to run under low resolution and special effects

    Melissa Carter- February 26, 2019 |

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    can play, although this configuration is very poor, but GTA4 The hardware requirements are very low.

    Larry- February 27, 2019 |

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    The configuration is a bit low. It is recommended to run it at the lowest quality. If you don’t want to upgrade it, or change the computer with a good configuration

    Frank Young- February 28, 2019 |