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How to install CARX archive on Apple mobile phone?

Asked by: Martha Cooper 176 views Phone & Tablet February 26, 2019

How do I install the CARX archive on my iPhone? Where is the CARX archive?

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       After opening “CarX Drift Racing”, you will find that there will be a “play” icon on the interface. When clicked, the “Screenshot” and “Archive” icons will be expanded. After clicking on the archive, there will be three categories, namely “Hot Archive”, “My Backup”, “My Download”. At this time, click on my backup. At this time, we need to log in to our thumb to play the account. After logging in, you can see it. Go to the archive of your own backup, download it and restore it to the game, you can continue to play the archive of the last game. CarX Drift Racing Official: CarX Drift Racing The CarX Drift Racing is a racing game developed by CarX Technologies. CarX Drift Racing Official introduction of the complete perfect version (CarX Drift Racing) The most realistic drift game! The game uses intuitive controls and beautiful graphics to give you a different drift experience. The game contains a variety of different modes, and the stand-alone game also includes a ghost mode that can break through at any time and place. CarX Drift Racing features – 3 tracks, 1 new – 9 cars, 3 new – Muffler shooting flame – Added new brake assist system 

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